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Moving the world forward through community service and supporting Latinxs in STEM.

By: Verizon Careers

Verizon Network Engineer Director Esneyder O. wins Community Service Award from Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers (SHPE) 2020 STAR Awards.

From working on hurricane recovery efforts to mentoring Latinx youth in STEM, Network Engineer Director Esneyder O. has been a pillar in his community helping to move the world forward in the U.S. and abroad.

Esneyder’s dedication to providing educational and leadership opportunities to Latinx youth, along with his other volunteering efforts, has been recognized by the SHPE Technical Achievement and Recognition (STAR) Awards, for those in STEM who are changing lives through their community service, work, and research.

Invest in your dream.

Knowledge is an investment that keeps on giving. For Esneyder, the decision to chase his STEM dreams was an easy one. As a 16-year-old with a passion for technology, Esneyder devoted himself to his studies, pursuing a career in engineering. As a Network Engineer Director today, Esneyder and his team do groundbreaking work on Verizon’s 5G network.

Giving back and changing lives.

The power of community can change lives. That’s why Esneyder uses his knowledge to help others. His outreach includes instrumental roles in Verizon's network recovery after both Hurricanes Harvey and Maria, as well as participating in a program with the University of Puerto Rico where he works with aspiring engineers on STEM initiatives.

Serving as a role model to potential recruits, Esneyder keeps tomorrow’s engineers focused and motivated, and drives one message home with each student: “No matter what you do, be the best in the world at it.”

Esneyder's contributions in the community are well recognized. Earlier this year, his volunteer efforts were also recognized by ASPIRA of New York, a youth services organization dedicated to promoting the social advancement of young people within the Puerto Rican/Latinx community. Esneyder was named a Circle of Excellence Achiever by ASPIRA for the work he has done mentoring Latinx youth in STEM.

Receiving the STAR Award.

While recognition is both humbling and rewarding, Esneyder believes that we should be role models all the time. Living that truth, he goes above and beyond to recruit talent from Latinx communities, provide aid to communities in need, and to inspire all V Teamers to lead by example every day.

“I want to inspire those around me whether it’s family, friends, or co-workers to learn something new every day. Stay curious and continue Investing in yourself by learning new things that keep you engaged and motivated,” Esneyder said.

Verizon is proud to call Esneyder a member of the V Team! All who have had the opportunity to work alongside him know his commitment to helping others succeed. Throughout his career, Esneyder has proven himself as someone who is not afraid to go beyond his responsibilities and provide a helping hand.

“I can think of no other person who has provided so much of himself to support the Hispanic STEM community and beyond.”

Heidi Hemmer, VP of Network Engineering

Learn more about how Verizon empowers V Teamers to give back and volunteer.


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