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From left to right: Alisha Rodrigues, Sumana Samuk, Pearl Servat

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Meet the teams working at Visible.

By: Verizon Careers

From left to right: Alisha Rodrigues, Sumana Samuk, Pearl Servat

Learn how Visible is playing its part in shaping the future. Hear from three employees who share their work experiences and why they think it's one of the best startup companies to work for.

Powered by Verizon, Visible is the first all-digital wireless carrier in the U.S. The wireless start-up’s mission: reimagine wireless, making it simple, accessible, and inclusive. If you’re looking to dive into the excitement of a start-up culture, then this team could be your future.

“Visible has created a culture where there are no bad ideas, everyone is working towards the same goal of creating a really great product and member experience. The big picture is really big here, and it’s led to an atmosphere that everyone feels excited about.”

Alisha Rodrigues, Associate Director - Customer Experience and Product Development

Working at Visible: Meet the Product and Marketing teams.

Headquartered in Denver, Colorado, this wireless startup is building a new, entirely digital way to deliver mobile phone service. Hear from three Visible employees on what it’s like to work there.

Alisha Rodrigues, Associate Director - Customer Experience and Product Development

At Visible, no two days are the same. And while there’s no “typical” day at Visible, Alisha says the best way to describe it is a “healthy blend of cross-collaboration, ideation with teams, member research and insights, career development, and self-reflection,” all leading to strategic innovation and development.

Throughout her career, Alisha has worked in many industries from nonprofit and consulting to technology. What ultimately led her to Visible was her desire to push what’s possible even further — specifically, when it comes to how people communicate.

Since joining the team, she’s been able to drive exciting products and plans, including what she says is one of Visible’s biggest initiatives to date — the addition of eSIM, which allows users to be up and running on the Visible network in as little as 15 minutes. Working on projects like this has really shown just how unlimited the possibilities are. Being able to shape the future of phone service keeps Alisha driven and motivated every day.

“Visible is a company that walks the walk,” she said. “Our values, mission, vision, and how we are changing the telecom industry hand-in-hand with Verizon means you’d be growing and challenging yourself in new ways, every single day.”

Sumana Samuk, Lead Experience Manager

Beginning her career in digital marketing and consulting, Sumana has worked across various industries from e-commerce to software technology. After going back to school to study marketing and earn her MBA, she joined Verizon as a consultant, focusing on the voice of the customer.

Eventually, Sumana had the opportunity to lead Visible’s Social Care Team. For her, this role was pivotal in helping her learn the ins and outs of the company. It also made for a smooth transition when she joined the Product Team, specifically, the customer experience side of the business, which is where she is today.

“What I like most about my job is how people-driven it is. On an average day, I talk to almost everyone in the organization simply because of how cross-functional this role is,” she shared. “The most rewarding part is seeing the work that I do have an impact on our customers directly.”

“Your success is in your hands here, and that’s a very unique opportunity. The amount of time, energy, and effort that you put in is the amount of return you will get. It’s about figuring out what’s best for the product and for your growth.”

Sumana Samuk, Lead Experience Manager

Pearl Servat, Associate Director - Digital Marketing

Before joining Visible, Pearl was a brand-building guru, working with big names in the entertainment industry. Her experience building global marketing campaigns came in handy when she joined Visible three years ago. Since then, she has played a critical role in building the company from the ground up.

As an associate director in digital marketing, Pearl’s role is the perfect blend of brand building and driving growth, as she oversees everything from partnerships and brand strategy to demand generation.

She says Visible employees are all curious and ambitious: “In a very humbling way, we are very much like our consumer base,” she said. This team is driven to succeed and keep customers connected, no drama included.

Pearl feels lucky to have outstanding leadership at Visible from the top down, starting with CEO Angie Klein. “She’s unlike anyone that I’ve ever worked with. She’s decisive, intentional, approachable, and transparent,” Pearl shared. “She’s willing to roll up her sleeves and do the work with you, which is important in a company like Visible. She constantly demonstrates a hands-on leadership style, which I really appreciate.”

She also credits CMO Cheryl Gresham as someone an example of Visible’s outstanding leadership team: “She has a kind but firm disposition, and is also someone who shows up with equal parts humility, and thought leadership. The powerhouse leadership is both inspiring and energizing,” Pearl said.

“It’s the type of culture where the sky’s the limit. There are tons of untapped opportunities, you just have to be someone who takes the initiative and goes after it.”

Pearl Servat, Associate Director - Digital Marketing

Careers at Visible

Visible is a division of Verizon, operating uniquely inside the larger entity, taking all the best elements of startup scrappiness - disruption, innovation, and culture - while leveraging the assets and benefits of the larger corporation’s backing. This also means that, while you're exploring open positions, you may find opportunities for jobs in Denver, Dallas, Alpharetta, New Jersey, or New York.

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