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Left to right: Yolanda (Yoli) Stancil, Carmen Bermudez, and Latanya Buggs

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Field life in the Network Life.

By: Verizon Careers

Left to right: Yolanda (Yoli) Stancil, Carmen Bermudez, and Latanya Buggs

Think you have what it takes to join the team that keeps our network strong? Hear from leaders in our Field Operations team who started in the field and share their career paths.

If there was one word to describe what it means to be a Field Technician at Verizon, most V Teamers would agree that words like essential, indispensable, and impactful come to mind. A day in the life of our Verizon Field Technicians involves connecting, maintaining, and troubleshooting our vast network. After all, these V Teamers are the backbone of our business.

To get a glimpse of field life in the Network Life, we turn to our leaders in Field Operations whose career paths started on the frontline. They share the impact this time had on shaping their career — and what it takes to join!

“A career in Field Operations is the first step to an extremely dynamic career and opportunity to excel.”

Latanya Buggs, VP-Network and Field Operations

Moving up the ranks in Field Operations.

Led by SVP of Field Operations Yolanda (Yoli) Stancil, Verizon’s Field Operations team is a dynamic group made up of technicians supporting installation and maintenance, construction, and central office. Joining this team is a great way to open up a world of opportunity in the industry.

Take it from Yoli, who began her career in operator services and later moved into customer service, which is where she discovered her desire to be connected to our customers: “I wanted to be closer to the customer because I would only talk to them on the phone. I had lots of relationships with the field technicians and dispatch team. I enjoyed seeing how technicians could be involved with the customer while also working on the technology side. So, I decided that I was going to go into the field technician world,” Yoli shared.

And that’s exactly what she did, joining the Field Technician team in 1996, and later becoming a walking technician in Manhattan where she handled customer escalations. Her career growth and experiences as a field tech eventually led her to take on different roles in our Operations Control Center, including Director of Network Operations and Engineering as well as Vice President of the Mid-Atlantic North Region.

“We have over 16,000 employees going in different directions on every single day where safety is the biggest priority that we have. We have amazing partnerships with stakeholders that help us to keep it moving. We are thought leaders, we are problem solvers and honestly, we can do anything we put our minds to, especially with the right support.”

Yoli Stancil, SVP of Field Operations

Yoli’s experience as a field technician laid the foundation for her future career, showing how far you can take your career. Today, she works alongside inspiring leaders like Latanya Buggs (VP of Network and Field Operations) and Carmen Bermudez (Senior Director of Network Operations) who bring a world of experience and knowledge to our Field Operations organization.

Our Field Operations team is network strong.

Field Technician roles at Verizon are dynamic — there are so many areas to learn and grow on the job. Going out into the field, communicating with customers, and digging into your technical side are some ways you’ll make an impact in this role.

Take it from Carmen, who has made her way from field technician to Senior Director of Network Operations: “Every day looks different. The customers are different. The work in front of you is different, the challenges are different. So you get to build and grow different strengths,” Carmen shared.

Verizon’s Field Technicians are essential to the business. This is the team that keeps our network up and running each day. Being a part of this team means putting your skills to use in ways that have a positive impact on the business.

“It's one of the most crucial roles that we have in our business. And if you think about it, the Field Technician is the only person within field operations who has direct contact with the customer,” Latanya shared. “They’re the first and only point of contact, so it's one of the crucial components to what we do.”

Ready for a career in Field Operations at Verizon?

Yoli, Carmen, and Latanya all started their careers on the frontlines, and it’s this experience that gave them the foundation to lead Field Operations on a larger scale as they do today: “Leading others became a passion of mine, which led me to this role that I'm in now,” Latanya shared. “Starting at that level — as a local leader — and understanding the components of the business and how it works is what helped me build the basis to be where I am today.”

When growing the team, they look for candidates who have the right mindset. As Latanya puts it, “If you're a great communicator, if you're someone who loves talking to customers, and if you're passionate about leading and developing your career, then you could be set as a Field Tech.”

“There are so many opportunities to build your career path and grow as a person. Everything I’ve learned inside of the business has only made me a better person outside of business too.”

Carmen Bermudez, Senior Director- Network Operations

Are you up for it? Apply for Field Operations roles at Verizon.


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