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Portraits of Deirdre Robinson, Rose Kirk and Carrie Hughes
Left to right: Deirdre Robinson; Rose Kirk; Carrie Hughes

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Join a team that innovates and inspires.

By: Verizon Careers

Left to right: Deirdre Robinson; Rose Kirk; Carrie Hughes

Learn about our Corporate Social Responsibility and Marketing Talent team that is focused on making a difference in the world, and leaving a positive impact on society.

At Verizon, social responsibility is in our DNA. Citizen Verizon is our plan for moving the world forward for all. As part of this program, we’re dedicated to economic, environmental and social advancement.

But, our commitment to corporate social responsibility (CSR) doesn’t end there. Learn more about the dynamic team that drives our CSR initiatives forward from all aspects, including marketing, communications, operations, and more.

What is Verizon’s CSR team?

Led by Chief Corporate Social Responsibility Officer Rose Kirk, Verizon’s CSR team is made up of program managers, marketers, and operations experts who align initiatives and deliver on the goals of Citizen Verizon. They’re the faces behind successful programs like adfellowsVerizon Skill Forward and other initiatives dedicated to impacting humanity for the better.

As Rose puts it, “Our team is made up of people who are building groundbreaking programs with solutions that deliver life-changing outcomes for communities around the globe. They’re managing those programs day in and day out.”

In one word, she says, this team is impactful. They’re focused on making an impact, not only on Verizon as a company, but also on society by looking at societal issues and determining the solution that Verizon can bring to the table.

If you’re interested in learning more about this team, meet Deirdre Robinson and Carrie Hughes who lead the Corporate Social Responsibility Marketing and Social Innovation teams.

Marketing that makes a difference.

Deirdre Robinson, Director of Corporate Social Responsibility Marketing, has been with Verizon for 16 years. With a background in launching and establishing new brands, she was excited to take on a new role on the CSR team where she could continue building her marketing skill set for a worthy cause.

“How can you not be energized by the opportunity to help position Verizon in a new and different way?” she shared. “It’s also gratifying knowing that you’re helping to amplify work that is having a real impact. That’s what drew me to this team.”

In her current role, Deirdre leads two key initiatives including CSR Marketing, which focuses on general marketing strategies and tactics for all CSR initiatives, as well as Verizon’s Marketing Academy, a program that trains and upskills over 3,500 marketers across the company.

When growing her team, Deirdre looks for key skill sets, such as creative thinking, integrated marketing skills, critical thinking, and business acumen.

“What excites me about my job is that I get to take my 20+ years of experience as a marketer and use it to do something good for society. I also get to use that experience to help seasoned marketers grow and develop in their careers. I also get to use that experience to help Verizon grow and develop best-in-class marketing talent.”

Deirdre Robinson, Director of Corporate Social Responsibility Marketing

Inspiring innovation across the business.

Carrie Hughes has been a proud V Teamer since 1994 when she began her career in one of Verizon’s leadership development programs. As part of the program, she rotated through three different groups and assignments to get a feel for which career area was right for her.

Today, Carrie is a Director of Social Innovation where she leads and oversees the social impact programs that are part of Citizen Verizon. Because social innovation is a relatively new space, the most exciting part for Carrie is driving innovation in a new field while working to figure out the right balance between where the company and communities both benefit.

Citizen Verizon focuses on three key pillars: digital inclusion, climate protection, and human prosperity. As part of Carrie’s role in leading social innovation initiatives, her team manages programs that roll into each one of the pillars.

One project she was especially excited to work on is Small Business Digital Ready, a social innovation program focused on digital inclusion that was developed in partnership with Verizon Business Group. As part of this program, Verizon helps small businesses get digital-ready by providing them with the digital tools to help them thrive and survive.

“What’s so exciting about working on the CSR team is that the results are so fulfilling and unique. You know that your programs are helping people get jobs, helping small businesses to thrive, or helping people become more resilient to climate change.”

Carrie Hughes, Director of Social Innovation

Learn more about Citizen Verizon.


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