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Left: Michael McCoy and his family; Right: Paola Martinez

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Empowering veterans to move their careers forward.

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Left: Michael McCoy and his family; Right: Paola Martinez

Meet two V Teamers on our Military Recruitment Team and learn how they’re bringing great military talent to the V Team.

Verizon is home to a dedicated Military Recruitment Team that’s passionate about supporting the military community through recruitment and other programs and initiatives. Plus, all of our military recruiters know firsthand the challenges in transitioning from the military to the civilian workforce as they have also worn those boots.

“Verizon is much more than military-friendly — it’s military ready. The ability to embrace the culture and passion to serve military members resonates from our leadership to frontline retail and customer service V Teamers. They understand the mission-first, people-always mindset that veterans bring to Verizon.”

Michael McCoy, Manager, Military Recruitment Team

This Military Appreciation Month, we’re proud to shine the spotlight on Michael McCoy and Paola Martinez from our Military Recruitment Team who go above and beyond the call of duty to help bring service members to the V Team.

V Teamer by week, National Guardsman by the weekend.

Having served in the Tennessee Army National Guard for 11 years, Michael McCoy is currently an Army guardsman and a manager on Verizon’s Military Recruitment Team. For him, being able to have a corporate career while continuing to serve his country is such a unique experience — and having his team’s support is a big motivator.

“The privilege to have a supportive team is amazing. As a company commander, I have 173 Soldiers. My concern going into every long training event is the impact that it could make on their civilian employment. Knowing that I don't have to worry about that is quite the relief,” he said. “I can continue to help service members in my day job, and then on weekends do the military piece that I love.”

Michael knows firsthand the challenges that service members may face. From 2018 to 2019, he was deployed to Ukraine at the International Peacekeeping and Security Center. While it was an amazing experience, he also knew he was needed at home. During this time, his first child was born. Luckily he was able to be there for the birth of his son, but he had to leave again just a few days later.

As a manager on the military recruitment team, he is grateful for the opportunity to help veterans and service members overcome obstacles and turn their military experience into civilian careers.

“The best part is to be able to see them across the finish line and get the full-time job offer,” Michael said. “We see a lot of service members who have heard how hard the transition from military to civilian is, and are truly scared. Our team, and Verizon as a whole, really breaks down that barrier and makes it a comforting and inviting experience.”

Proud to give back.

Paola Martinez served in the US Marine Corps for five years on active duty. Leadership is at the core of the military, and for her, leading Marines and forming a camaraderie with her team was the most rewarding experience.

Fast forward to her post-military career, when Paola first heard about the Military Recruitment Team at Verizon, she jumped at the opportunity to continue serving this community. “I’ve always been someone guided in helping others and what better way than to help out those whom I consider family. I love my job!” Paola shared.

As a program and project manager, Paola leads many military initiatives. From our Hiring Our Heroes corporate fellowship program to providing information sessions in resume writing, interviewing techniques, and career development, her team is focused on setting veterans up for success.

The most rewarding part of her job is making a positive impact and changing lives: “Leaving the military is never easy, whether you spent four years or 20 years,” Paola said. “Knowing that I get to provide veterans with opportunities at Verizon, and supporting them in their transition as they seek meaningful careers is the best part of my job.”

“At Verizon, veterans are recognized for their leadership and their transferrable skills. Being part of the military recruitment team allows me to help bridge that gap and bring on amazing diverse talent across the business.”

Paola Martinez, Program & Project Manager, Military Recruitment Team

Are you ready for your next assignment?

Over 8,000 veterans contribute their skills and talent across Verizon’s many career areas. We’re proud to work alongside them each day, learning from their outstanding skills, discipline, and experience.

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