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From left to right: Dean D., Andrew C., and Adam M.

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Apprenticeship program helps EMEA V Teamers thrive early in their careers.

By: Verizon Careers

From left to right: Dean D., Andrew C., and Adam M.

V Teamers in EMEA share their experience in a future-focused apprenticeship program.

At Verizon, we always think two steps ahead. In fact, our EMEA team has developed an apprenticeship program designed to develop emerging talent from the start of their journey, acclimate them to Verizon, and help cultivate fresh ideas within the organization.

In with the new

The world is constantly changing. For Dean D., Managing Director for Solutions Architecture in Verizon EMEA, fresh ideas and new talent bring energy to the world of solution design. Bringing tech apprentices onboard helps him bring new talent into the workstream, create a career trajectory, and drive a unique approach to the high-volume work his team is doing.

V Teamers Andrew C. and Adam M. are current apprentices working with Dean on the Solutions Architecture team. Here, they share what their experience has been like during their first few months on the V Team.

Delivering value

Based in London, Andrew C. is currently a Pre-Sales Analyst Architect as part of his 4-year Digital and Technology Solutions apprenticeship. With six months under his belt, Andrew has kept busy, working closely with leadership and the solution design team to hone his skills and pave a career path for himself.

Regarding his experience in the program, Andrew shares: “I can proudly say that our Early in Career team is certainly delivering value to the business as we have already been told by our management. I've personally made a great contribution to my team, and therefore to the business, by taking ownership of tasks and different projects, building my personal brand while developing my skills as an architect, and easing the workload for the team members who are required on more complex customer projects.”

“Each project I’m involved in seems to track my ability and experience, each new project utilizes everything I’ve learned previously and adds more areas to learn and develop.”

Andrew C., Digital and Technology Solutions Apprentice

Working closely with experienced architects has helped Andrew learn all about the work, the culture, and the new ideas he can bring to the team.

Moving your career forward

As a Professional Services apprentice, Adam M. works with his team to deliver exceptional service to customers and provide innovative solutions that improve their workflow. In his first few months at Verizon, he says he most enjoys the company’s inclusive work culture.

In his apprenticeship role, Adam has worked on a wide variety of projects within the professional services field, which has allowed him to make a real impact on the business. “I have been involved in different projects since joining Verizon, both internal and external,” Adam said. “I feel like I have been able to make a contribution to my team. I am involved in all customer calls, also sending documents and updates.”

“It has been a really fun and enjoyable start to my career at Verizon. I am excited for what’s to come as my Apprenticeship progresses.”

Adam M., Professional Services Apprentice

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