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From left to right: Chela L. and Giovanna H.

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V Teamers share their moments of fame in national Verizon commercial.

By: Verizon Careers

From left to right: Chela L. and Giovanna H.

Two V Teamers share their behind the scenes experiences.

As 2020 Hispanic Heritage Month concludes, two V Teamers share their time in the spotlight starring in national ad campaigns recognizing the Hispanic community. Learn more about how Chela L. and Giovanna H. received the opportunity of a lifetime when they were asked to represent the company on the silver screen in a Verizon commercial.

From behind the scenes to the starring role.

As a marketing data analytics manager, V Teamer Chela L. spends her days behind the screen analyzing marketing campaigns and finding powerful insights from data to help inform effective marketing strategies.

For Chela, one of her most memorable experiences on the V Team was being one of six employees selected to represent Verizon in an ad campaign and work in commercials. After emailing back and forth with project leads, directors, and agencies, she was flown out to California for her big break.

“The director explained that he’d be asking me questions, some in English, some in Spanish,” she said. “I was filmed without a script — just talking about my personal experience using Verizon to keep in touch with my family in Mexico. It was an honor to be a part of this project.”

“Verizon recognizes that our employees, like our customer base, are all very diverse and that these varied perspectives add value to the conversation.”

V Teamer Chela L.

Always connected.

Despite living in different countries, Chela says her family has always been very tight-knit. For her, having the ability to stay easily connected is essential.

“Being the only two members of our family in the U.S., my mom and I could feel very isolated and alone if we weren’t able to keep in touch with our family in Mexico easily,” she said. “Verizon helps us feel connected to our loved ones, even if they’re far away. It feels like we never miss a beat with what’s going on in each other’s lives.”

The opportunity of a lifetime.

For Giovanna H., a retail district manager in New York City, getting the opportunity to be featured in a campaign meant not only representing Verizon but also showing up strong in the Hispanic community on a larger scale. This is something she has been passionate about for as long as she could remember.

It all began when her manager expressed interest in nominating someone on the team to be featured in an upcoming Verizon commercial. In the following days, he nominated Giovanna, noting that she would be a great addition to the project. Following the nomination, she received a request to be interviewed by the casting company.

“The interview was scheduled for one hour, but it lasted 10 mins,” she said. “I called my boss and told him I knew I did not get chosen because it was so short. I gave it my best shot and thanked him for the opportunity.”

The road to Hollywood.

Despite the odds, Giovanna was shocked and thrilled when she eventually learned that she was chosen to participate. From there, she packed her bags and made it to California for her big break. For her, everything really sank in when she set foot in the studio and realized just how important her role was.

“After a few tries and conversations, the nerves went away. I began to look around myself and truly enjoy the moment,” she said. “By the end of the day, I got to meet some amazing people. My face hurt so much from smiling and laughing and my voice was gone from talking. It was an amazing experience.”

Family means everything.

Heavily ingrained in her culture and heritage, family is very important for Giovanna — and her family has been nothing but proud and supportive after seeing her commercial air. Although they are in different locations, she shares that her family has made it a point to stay connected through virtual movie nights and video calls, helping everyone feel the comfort of each other’s company, despite the distance.

“I’m proud to be a part of Verizon. I’m proud of what we stand for and thankful that I’m given the opportunity to help the Hispanic community, lead my team, be mentored and mentor. This is beyond what I thought was possible.”

V Teamer Giovanna H.

Learn more about how Verizon is committed to celebrating diversity and inclusion.


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