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Winning the Zinnov Awards as a Titan of Technology.

By: Verizon Careers

Verizon India won big at the 2020 Zinnov Awards, including V Teamer Antony S. who received the Technical Role Model for Intelligent Automation Award.

Technology has the power to change the world. At Verizon, we encourage our team to innovate, transform, and lead the way in technological advancement.

The Zinnov Awards are the benchmark for the best in technology, and we are proud to share that Verizon India took home three awards.

According to Zinnov’s Co-Founder & CEO Pari Natarajan, the awards celebrate “innovators, connectors, and mavens who have made significant contributions in driving India towards becoming the epicenter of global innovation.”

Walking the talk towards technological advancement.

Teamwork makes the dream work. For V Teamer Antony S., leading the change and defining the future has always been a priority. Early on, Antony wore many hats — developer, architect, analyst, to name a few. These experiences have all prepared him for a leadership role at Verizon.

Over the course of his career, Antony has been leading transformational journeys within Verizon’s Consumer Group, such as security, AWS cloud migration, containerization technologies, artificial intelligence and robotic process automation (RPA), as well as multiple technical Centers of Excellence to ensure team collaboration. For Antony, leading by example and “walking the talk” are what brings his teams closer together.

Example in leadership.

Zinnov is focused on the titans of technology. Antony, winner of the Technical Role Model for Intelligent Automation award, knows the importance of strong and successful leadership. Having played the role of coach and mentor to many V Teamers in Verizon India, Antony has led numerous technical events. These events are what he says transform and inspire his team.

V Teamer Antony portrait

“We have a huge talent pool at Verizon. Sometimes employees need that extra guidance to transform. In August this year, we conducted a 'Disruptathon' event in Verizon India which allowed teams to learn, ideate and build intelligent solutions using machine learning and RPA techniques," Antony said.

Award-winning culture.

Technology is a fast and ever-changing world. Verizon is proud to provide the support needed for leaders like Antony to pave the way for innovation.

Antony says, “The culture of innovation and Verizon’s continuous focus to nurture talent and to stay ahead of the competition are the driving factors for us in India to immensely focus on technology.”

Verizon’s continued focus on strong leadership and talent has made stories like Antony’s possible for anyone who dreams it.

“I am very thankful to the Verizon India leadership for their trust and encouragement that has empowered me to create opportunities to make a difference.”

V Teamer Antony S.

In addition to Antony’s award, Verizon India also took home two more awards at the Zinnov Confluence 2020. The ‘Unlocking Centre Value (Enterprise IT)’ award recognized Verizon India for rapidly evolving, transforming strategies, processes and practices, while achieving key milestones and metrics to establish itself as an innovation and strategic center for Verizon. Similarly, the ‘Diversity and Inclusion (Gender & Beyond)’ award recognized Verizon India for its established programs for Inclusion and Diversity.

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