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Ken Jack paves the way for others as a 2021 Most Influential African American in Business.

By: Verizon Careers

From humble beginnings to a leadership role on the V Team, learn how Ken Jack has made his mark and inspired others.

For VP of Fleet Operations Ken Jack, Black History Month is a reminder of how much has been accomplished by those who have gone before us and how much is yet to be done.

Specifically, it’s a reminder that everyone has the potential to make a difference and drive meaningful change. This is one of the reasons why being named to the 2021 Most Influential African Americans in Business list is so important to Ken, as he hopes that being an inspiring leader to others will encourage them in the same way that they’ve inspired him.

Curiosity moved him forward.

Growing up, Ken’s curiosity pushed him to learn new things. He would often take objects apart and put them back together just to see how they worked. This curiosity led him on a great path as he became interested in all things mechanical, which eventually led to him earning a degree in engineering.

His forward-thinking mindset has served him well in his career journey. Today, Ken is an inspiring leader on Verizon’s Fleet Operations team where he is responsible for the strategy, performance, procurement, disposal, and maintenance of all fleet assets at Verizon. Decision-making also plays a big part in his role as he considers safe, reliable, and productive equipment solutions for the company.

“You have to be able to understand the decisions that are important right now, while also understanding the impact of the decisions you make on the future,” Ken shares.

Leading with inclusivity at the forefront.

As an inspiring leader, Ken has found that another big part of decision-making is being sure to make room for everyone at the table as this can lead to some of the most innovative solutions.

One way to cultivate different viewpoints, he says, is by bringing together a well-rounded group of people from different walks of life. This helps ensure that everyone feels welcome to bring their true self to the table.

“Leaders need to be conscious about how diversity can help make better decisions,” he said. “We all have unconscious biases and in most cases, diversity doesn't just happen unless we look to cultivate it.”

In addition to better decision-making, Ken says, Verizon’s inclusive culture also allows for a world of opportunities, such as getting involved with an employee resource group (ERG), networking, and building your career in a positive and fulfilling environment.

Paving the way for others.

For Ken, being named one of the 2021 Most Influential African Americans in Business pushes him to not only be a better and more inspiring leader for his team but also to make a true difference in the world. He strives to do as much good in any way that he can, for the betterment of all.

Throughout his journey, Ken remembers those who have pushed him to be the best no matter how challenging it may have been. After winning this award, he hopes to pay it forward in a similar way by showing others that they too can achieve the unthinkable.

“I've had professional experiences where someone dared me to dream a little bigger or try a little harder, even if everything wasn't as fair as it should have been,” Ken said. “We all need that sometimes, and this award is my opportunity to be that inspiration for someone else.”

“I’m incredibly humbled to receive this recognition. For many of us, we stand on the shoulders of others. It’s my turn to hold others up to achieve what’s next. There is still so much work for all of us to do and I’m fortunate to be in a position to help others.”

Ken Jack, VP of Fleet Operations

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