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From campus to career progression.

By: Verizon Careers

Hear from V Teamer Parker Lutz about her early career development and career progression at Verizon after joining the Campus program.

As a senior at the University of Miami, Parker Lutz found herself not only preparing to graduate but also thinking about her career plans after graduation.

Focused on her career development, she was soon offered a role on Verizon’s Finance team. At the time, she didn’t know exactly what the future held for her, but she knew two things. 1) She loved people and 2) problem-solving was at her core. She was confident she could bring these two passions together as a new Verizon campus hire.

Moving up the career ladder.

2014 was a big year for Parker as she moved from the Hurricanes campus in Miami to the Verizon offices in Lake Mary, Florida near Orlando. Starting as a Financial Operations Analyst, she soon moved into a new role on the Fraud Reporting team. Here, she learned a new coding language and had the opportunity to apply her analytical skills with statistical modeling.

After taking on a few projects and thinking about her career development, Parker was promoted to Senior Analyst, and the move forward prompted her to pursue a Master’s degree in Data Analytics at the University of Central Florida using the tuition assistance program through Verizon’s benefits.

“During that role and with my degree, I learned both R and Python — two new coding languages,” she said. “I was later promoted to manager on the Internal Audit team where I leveraged my data analytics and modeling skills to identify areas of risk in the business in partnership with the financial auditors.”

Focusing on career progression.

Later in her career journey, Parker was ready to take her knowledge and experience gained from her previous roles for a big move to a senior manager role in Verizon Business Group. Relocating from Lake Mary, Florida to Basking Ridge, New Jersey was a big change, but Parker was excited for the opportunity to lead a team.

“I had a crash course in true finance after having spent most of my Verizon career in an operations role — and I learned that I love leading teams. I then took a lateral move into my current role as Senior Manager of Business Intelligence for VBG Finance,” Parker shared. “I get to do the two things I am most passionate about in my job today — help people and solve challenging problems.”

“I’ve grown in my career at Verizon because of the leaders and colleagues who have walked by my side every time I want to take on a new challenge — whether it was learning a new coding language or leading a team for the first time.”

V Teamer Parker Lutz

Go from Campus to career development at Verizon.

From internships to leadership development programs, Verizon’s Campus program can help you pursue your ambitions and move your career forward.

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