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Celebrating Allyship: Verizon India Shares the Benefits of Teamwork.

By: Verizon Careers

Learn how our Verizon India V Teamers celebrate the strength of allyship to create a more respectful and inclusive world.

Good friends are like stars — you can’t always see them but you know they’re there. V Teamers take this sentiment to heart in the work they do to support one another. Together with Verizon India’s Diversity and Inclusion team, we’re celebrating allyship and the benefits of teamwork across the organization.


Allies have trust, faith, mutual respect and understanding. For Sheeba N., a senior manager with Network Systems, the task of overseeing quality assurance for critical programs requires the support of those around her.

After 19 years at Verizon, Sheeba highlights the benefits of teamwork and the importance of surrounding yourself with mentors, coaches, and trusted friends. “I have allies who have coached, mentored and helped pave a path of success for me,” she said. In addition, Sheeba has also served as a mentor for her fellow V Teamers.

“I have worked with many V Teamers and learned so much from everyone. I’ve taken guidance and suggestions from those who touched my path with their humbleness and experience.”

Sheeba N.


Kindness, inclusivity, equality. V Teamer Nivedha A. cites these as the reasons she has stayed at Verizon since beginning her career journey. Nivedha has been with Verizon since graduating college in 2016. Since then, she has created a successful career for herself, forming valuable partnerships with her peers and celebrating allyship.

Today, she works on Verizon’s CMO design team where she is responsible for developing enhanced user interfaces for Verizon retail stores and call centers. This has been a fun challenge for Nivedha, whose original career path started in computer science.

“There are so many V Teamers who have played their role in my career journey. Some have touched my life with their kindness, ensuring that I’m included and treated equally.”

Nivedha A.

Despite her background in a different field, Nivedha has never felt excluded. In fact, her teammates have only pushed her to become an expert in design through their constant guidance, coaching, and partnership, which has paid off as she continues to move forward in her career journey. The benefits of teamwork have also helped Nivedha attend the 2019 UXINDIA design conference.

Life lessons

While a two-year milestone may seem small to some, Geetanjali S.’s journey from a campus recruit to our systems engineering team has been an exciting one. Adjusting to a new career and taking on big projects can be daunting, but having a strong support system near you makes the roller coaster ride worthwhile.

Geetanjali says the advice she learns from those around her is the most valuable in her career journey. For her, allies are critical in playing the role of mentor, coach or guide.

“Allies are your greatest critics and your biggest fans! They provide you with the encouragement and support even when you fumble, fall or fail,” she said. “I have just started my career and I have a long way to go. These two years have been significant in paving a career path for me, and my mentors, team leads, colleagues and leaders have played important roles.”

“Every individual I have met in Verizon has left an impact in the form of a lesson that has helped me become the professional that I am today.”

Geetanjali S.


When you spend most of your day with coworkers, it's no surprise they often become friends. With 14 years of experience at Verizon, Usha G. has learned that camaraderie is one major key to success. In fact, she has made friends across multiple functions, from corporate communications and HR to finance and global security.

Usha appreciates the culture of diversity Verizon promotes and is dedicated to celebrating allyship: “I have become who I am because of the learnings I have had from those who have been part of my journey with Verizon,” she said. “I want to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has powered me through their teachings and friendship that continues to help me cruise through the tides of professional and personal life successfully.”

“It’s so heartwarming to cherish a bond with allies who nurture talent and value you as an individual. Their support has always empowered me to walk that extra mile and traverse paths of relatively lesser strength with confidence and belief that I will succeed.”

Usha G.

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