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Structured behavioral interviews are the foundation of the Verizon hiring process. They are designed to assess a candidate’s level of job-related knowledge, skill, and ability, and allow interviewers to systematically and fairly evaluate candidates based on the same set of interview questions and rating scales. Knowledge of the interview process will help you to prepare appropriately for your interview.

Preparing for Your Interview

Your interview may contain behavioral, situational, and/or knowledge questions that measure competencies important for success in the position for which you are being evaluated.

Behavioral questions are questions about past work situations that you have encountered, where the interviewer wants to know what specific actions you took and what the results were. Remember these 3 things when answering behavioral questions: Situation, Action, and Results. If you do not include these 3 aspects in your answer, the interviewer may ask follow-up questions. Ultimately, however, it is your responsibility to provide this information. To practice for your interview, you can review highlights on your resume and practice communicating the Situation, Action, and Result of your work experiences.

Situational questions outline a hypothetical scenario and ask you to describe what specific actions you would take. In answering situational questions, describe how you would apply your knowledge and skills to the situation, and be as specific as possible in detailing how you would respond.

Knowledge questions ask you to discuss specific, job-related knowledge. Knowledge questions may be fact-focused, process-focused, situational, or behavioral; however, the emphasis is on displaying knowledge that is relevant to the job. To prepare, review your resume and think about how your knowledge and expertise has helped you to achieve goals.

Remember that interviewers rely on your interview responses to evaluate your potential for success in the role for which you are interviewing. Therefore, in order to demonstrate your competence, make sure that you answer every question in a thorough manner. If you do not understand a question, let the interviewer know. The interviewer may repeat a question if you need them to, but they cannot interpret the question for you.

Characteristics of Interviews

Interviews can last anywhere from 30 minutes to 90 minutes, depending upon the job for which you are applying.

Your interview may be conducted by a single individual or involve a panel of interviewers. The use of a panel adds different perspectives to the interview process.

Most interviews occur virtually via a web-based video conference,
but your recruiter will advise you if an in-person interview is required.

Our interviewers strive to take complete and accurate notes. Please
expect pauses between the end of your answer and the next question and potential lapses in eye contact for this reason!

All structured interviews are designed to measure job-related competencies, and responses are compared to standardized rating scales.

If you have any questions about your interview or the interview process, please do not hesitate to contact your recruiter or HR representative.

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