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Venturing out to an Indirect Sales career.

By: Verizon Careers

Discover how to become an indirect sales manager at Verizon. Learn about indirect sales manager career paths, top skill sets, and how to apply to open indirect sales jobs.

V Teamer Jade Bowlin shares her day-to-day in an indirect sales role at Verizon.

Calling all innovative thinkers, strategists, and leaders! Verizon is currently hiring indirect sales managers to join our indirect-to-business (I2B) team. Wondering how to become an indirect sales manager? Let our V Teamers answer your questions!

What is the role of an indirect sales manager?

Verizon’s indirect sales managers work side-by-side with agent and third-party retail partners to grow the customer base in the small to medium business (SMB) marketplace by developing sales and marketing strategies along with targeted incentive programs to drive sales and profitability through this channel.

We interviewed four indirect sales V Teamers who shared their career journeys, responsibilities as an indirect sales manager, and more.

Explore Indirect Sales jobs at Verizon.

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Q&A with Indirect Sales Managers

Andrew Garcia: We work with every type of business imaginable and deliver the technology that companies need to operate efficiently. From prospecting, training, meeting with customers, and deployment of solutions, we work side by side with our indirect agent teams to drive SMB sales and customer experience.

Emmett Haley II: Our I2B organization is ever-changing, challenging, and fast-paced. It is a team-oriented organization that values its people.

Jade Bowlin: Indirect sales managers help drive results through direct customer interaction, collaboration, and training. The I2B organization is full of talent from many backgrounds. While the team is constantly growing, the relationships and community still feel like a start-up environment where you can form great partnerships with both the agents and peer I2B account managers. 

Taylor Norris: We sell ideas. We work hard to develop strategies and concepts while establishing solid relationships with our partners to gain their trust and begin discovering business opportunities outside their comfort zone. 

Andrew Garcia: I am a believer that working in multiple parts of the business gives you a great perspective of the overall business. I enjoy being the main point of contact representing Verizon with our indirect partners.  

Emmett Haley II: I chose this career path because I realized early in my career that my strength was coaching and helping others succeed. I had already been a part of a new channel, and the opportunity to help create a new one from the ground up was exciting to me. 

Jade Bowlin: I looked at all aspects of my career and highlighted what I liked best about each role — the team aspect of working closely with others, being customer-facing, meeting new people, and helping others succeed. I was able to do all of these within I2B! 

Taylor Norris: I have worked under some amazing leaders in my career here at Verizon and I have tried to take little bits and pieces of each of their styles to create my own approach to leading a team. I am so glad that I took this position! I have an amazing team and enjoy coming to work every day.

Andrew Garcia: Customer service, entrepreneurship, management, finance, and sales are good core skills for I2B roles.

Emmett Haley II: Relationship building, coaching and training, multitasking, presentation, organization, and time management are all valuable skills that will help you succeed on our teams. 

Jade Bowlin: Working with multiple teams or large-scale areas, and knowledge in Salesforce is a plus. I’d also recommend organization skills, as well as being approachable, responsive, resourceful, open-minded, proactive, and a clear communicator. 

Taylor Norris: We spend a lot of our time leading by influence, so having that skill set is a big one. In indirect sales, it is important to be outgoing. The ability to make quick and long-lasting relationships is vital to being successful in this space. I also look for people who are always looking to better their best — taking feedback and being willing to get out of your comfort zone are two important aspects of being a successful account manager.

Andrew Garcia: Meeting with prospective customers with our indirect agent teams is the best part of this job. Every company has a different need, but every business needs the reliability and solutions Verizon provides. It's great to represent a brand you can feel proud to sell. 

Emmett Haley II: Responsibilities include leading a team, building relationships internally and externally with partners, and creating and executing strategies that help accomplish goals. My favorite aspect of the job is the ability to make decisions that impact the business. 

Jade Bowlin: Responsibilities include developing, implementing, and monitoring the sales of your territory. Another big part is improving agent skills and performance through product knowledge, training, and tailored sales strategies to reach success and targets. There are many new initiatives and products, and our job is to make this easy to communicate and transparent for the front line. 

Taylor Norris: Some of my responsibilities include meeting with agent principals to host business conversations, working alongside my team to gather any feedback they have, partnering with our consumer channel to keep them up to speed on what we are working on within the I2B space, and developing strategies with my peers to be able to achieve new high watermarks in various sales metrics.

My favorite aspect of my day-to-day job is definitely working with my team. Establishing a winning culture within the group, and having some fun while we're at it!

Andrew Garcia: Learn about the indirect agents in your area. It's important to understand both to see the overall picture of where we are headed together.

Don't wait. The best time to apply was yesterday, the second-best time is today!

Emmett Haley II: Do your research on the role.

Be able to adapt.

Be coachable.

Jade Bowlin: Find your strengths and what you like best about your current role and find out how that can translate into the I2B space. 

Start finding your resources through influential leaders, peers among you, or through supplemental reading. The more connections and knowledge you have can be a huge asset in being successful in this role.

Get comfortable with multitasking efficiently.

Taylor Norris: Do your research to get a feel for the job. 

Take what you learn from your research and begin to think through areas of opportunity and what you might bring to the table. We love to see people who are proactively making their career goals known and working hard to get their name out there in the space they want to work in the future.


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