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Robyn Parks

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Good things come to those who go local.

Marketers. Storytellers. Analysts. Creatives. When you think of marketing, these are some words that probably come to mind.

Marketing is a vast field that brings a brand’s story, products, and key messages to consumers. As marketers, it’s important to meet customers where they are while giving them a localized experience that is relevant to them. Enter, Verizon’s new Local and Segment Marketing organization.

Led by Robyn Parks, this team focuses on how and where Verizon shows up, as well as the experience we offer customers. This group sits in our Growth & Revenue Organization (GRO), which works to enhance our brand value proposition and drive forward a unified creative strategy so that we break through and position Verizon as an industry leader.

“If you thrive in a fast-paced environment and love learning about what motivates customers to buy, I would recommend checking out our Local and Segment Marketing roles. Here, you’ll create initiatives that will inspire consumer consideration and help Verizon be present in our communities. We are passionate about showing up for our customers in places where they work, live, and play.” - Kristyn Bonnett, Marketing Director - Coastal Plains

From intern to marketing leader: Meet Robyn Parks.

VP of Local and Segment Marketing, Robyn Parks is a great example of local, homegrown talent, having started her career as a Human Resources intern at Verizon. That experience working with employees, and her background in engineering and business, ignited her passion for getting closer to our customers and the experiences we create for them. Since then, she’s held several roles of increasing responsibility in marketing as well as digital and sales operations, all of which helped her learn and grow in her career.

Serving in an industry that has experienced so much growth and change has allowed me to gain new experiences and perspectives along the way. Sitting in both headquarters and field assignments as well as contributing across departments has afforded me a diverse perspective and deep understanding of our business and customer journeys. I’m excited for this new journey ahead and the positive impact our group can make.- Robyn Parks, VP-Field and Segment Marketing

Now, she’s ready to take our marketing to the streets with an organization of field marketers ready to localize and serve our customers in their communities. When marketing to different segments, it’s important to take their unique experiences into consideration. For Robyn, it’s all about being intentional and remembering that our consumers are not one size fits all. For example, some customers may relate better to advertising in their native language, while others may look to do business with brands who celebrate their traditions and values.

“It's really about us getting closer to the customer, being present in the communities that we serve, and understanding the consumer in a different way. This allows us to create programs that can authentically resonate with consumers and position Verizon as a provider of choice. That's our goal,” Robyn said.

Breaking down the team.

The Local and Segment Marketing team is broken up by region, which allows the team to get familiar with different customer bases across the country.

So what does it take to be on the local marketing team? We asked some of the leaders to share their experiences on the team!

“My superpower is balancing multiple priorities in a dynamic environment and the ability to pull the right people together at the right time to accomplish a common goal. It starts with digging into the data to understand strengths and opportunities across the different geographies in the market. We can drive growth and loyalty by creating experiences at a local level that are relevant and important to our communities. The opportunity to learn, execute, and win through growing these connections is what makes Verizon a great, rewarding place to work.” - Kim Edwards, Director-Marketing (Atlantic South)

“Working for a brand like Verizon and being able to create moments that matter for both customers and employees is such a privilege. It has been such a pleasure working at Verizon for over 25 years.” - Tina Walton, Director-Marketing (Atlantic North)

“Verizon has always been recognized for its strong national brand. However, it takes ongoing efforts and investment to make a national brand feel local. To be successful we need to insert ourselves and become part of the fabric of our communities. Being closest to our customers and spending time in the field allows you to see things in real-time.” - Justin Stiehr, Director-Marketing (Mountain)

“Driving awareness starts by empowering your frontline teams to unleash their passion and pride in working for Verizon. Our retail employees love for the work they do is contagious and helps us promote Verizon as the #1 choice for our customers' connectivity needs. We all prioritize and value different things and Verizon’s benefits have them all covered.” - Kristyn Bonnett, Director-Marketing (Coastal Plains)

“My superpower is listening to the field! I believe the best way to build community engagement and drive traffic is to listen to our subject matter experts — the retail employees that are living and working with our customers everyday. If you make time to visit stores, talk with our frontline reps and interact with customers, you’ll quickly learn what’s important.” - Jennifer Fields, Director-Marketing (Great Lakes)

Think you’re ready for a career in Local and Segment Marketing at Verizon?

“The beauty of marketing is that there are a lot of disciplines and skills based on the various roles that we have,” Robyn said.

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