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Ask a recruiter: How do I complete a pre-recorded video interview?

By: Verizon Careers

Our Verizon recruiters share 4 tips for a successful video interview.

There are two types of video interviews that candidates are often faced with: live and on-demand. In our latest #AskaRecruiter blog, we’ll focus on the latter, which is sometimes called a pre-recorded interview. Our 10 interview tips to help you prepare are a great resource, but getting ready for the camera often requires a little more effort to make the best impression. Follow along as we provide our best video interview tips.

1. Treat the video interview as if you’re face-to-face with a recruiter.

First impressions count whether you’re in the same room or behind a screen, so come prepared to the pre-recorded video interview with your energy and enthusiasm. You'll also want to thoroughly think through each of your responses before you hit record to ensure that you answer every part of the question.

2. Be yourself and let your personality shine.

When it comes to video interview tips, many of our recruiters agree on the following: While it’s helpful to have notes and talking points, you should avoid sticking to a script. Candidates who are friendly and make their responses conversational yet professional often leave an impact on recruiters.

“Far too often, we see people who do not smile or simply read from their notes,” Verizon recruiter Makayla C. said. “We want to see you shine in the video interview.”

3. Clear the clutter — no distractions!

Conduct your pre-recorded video interview in a private area, free from noise and distractions. You should also clear any clutter to ensure that nothing is blocking your microphone. This will allow your recruiter to hear your answers clearly.

4. Check your tech.

To avoid technical difficulties, charge all devices, and conduct a full test run to confirm that your equipment is working and up to date. You may want to video chat a friend beforehand to ensure that you have a strong connection. Taking these precautions to avoid a tech mishap will help put your mind at ease.

V Teamer insights: Armeenah F.

As part of our video interview process, candidates are prompted to record themselves answering a series of questions. What's unique to our video interviews is the ability to conduct retakes if you want elaborate more on your answer to a specific question. For Customer Support Specialist Armeenah F., this was a key in making the process simple and efficient.

“The video interview process was quick and self-explanatory. Overall, it was a great process that more companies should implement.”

V Teamer Armeenah F.

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