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Knowledge in Action: Verizon BOLD celebrates Black History Month.

By: Verizon Careers

Hear from members of Verizon BOLD, an employee resource group dedicated to building partnerships, networking, and developing a culturally diverse workforce.

Verizon BOLD members share their mission as an employee resource group (ERG).

This Black History Month we’re celebrating the history, culture, and accomplishments of Black and African-American people. Our theme for the month is Knowledge In Action with a focus on mental health, education, wellbeing, and career development.

“Black History month is a time of reflection for me. It helps to remember where you came from to better know where you are going. Black History Month reminds me of my past and the past of those like me. It drives me to move forward.” - V Teamer Eddie Ervin

Meet two members of our Verizon BOLD employee resource group (ERG) and how they put their knowledge into action all year long.

Verizon BOLD members, Eddie and AJ.

Eddie Ervin got her start on the V Team in 2015 as a customer service representative. It wasn’t long until her ambition led her to pursue her Master’s degree through Verizon’s tuition assistance benefits.

With a great start supporting our customers, Eddie’s knowledge took her far and wide, moving into new roles across the company, from technical support coordinator to her current role as an IT Project Manager on our Global Network and Technology team.

“I have found that all the world is open to you if you have the right mindset and the courage to go after what you want. I continue to grow both personally and professionally by learning new things,” Eddie said. “Acquiring new skills through education and training is paramount in moving forward. Earning my Master’s degree was just the beginning of my learning journey at Verizon.”

AJ Hunter joined Verizon 10 years ago as a member of our Retail team and is a great example of starting here and going anywhere. He took his vast sales knowledge into his current role as an Integrated Marketing Manager, executing successful launches for the frontline, including devices, promotions, solutions, and more.

When he moved into marketing, AJ knew he’d have to get comfortable being uncomfortable with his transition as a high performer on the business sales team and moving into an interim role on the marketing team. But he knew it was a risk he had to take in order to achieve his ultimate career goals.

“Always bet on yourself — that will prevent you from ever wondering what could have been,” AJ shared. “The knowledge I have acquired by holding sales roles in both VCG and VBG has helped me in my current role immensely.”

How to put your knowledge into action this Black History Month.

Part of putting your knowledge into action is also recognizing that the knowledge of your worth is powerful — something that our BOLD ERG values and shares with members. “Knowledge of your worth is power. To me, it means that if you know your own worth, you won’t accept less from yourself or anyone else,” Eddie said. “You have the power to make the right decisions and choices for you. In other words, don’t sell yourself short.”

For AJ, it’s all about continuous learning and progress: “I try to never stop learning because life never stops teaching. Whether that's reading, taking new training courses, or looking for additional certifications. It keeps the mind fresh to always try and acquire more knowledge,” he shared.

Employee resource groups at Verizon.

Verizon BOLD (Black Originators Leaders and Doers) is committed to moving the world forward for all. Through discussions, trainings, and volunteering, this ERG helps V Teamers come together and ensure that everyone knows their worth is powerful.

Eddie shares the most rewarding parts of being a member of the Verizon BOLD ERG.

AJ shares different volunteer activities he's been a part of through Verizon BOLD.

Verizon is home to ten employee resource groups dedicated to driving a culture of inclusion while strengthening our commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion.

“BOLD puts together great content focused on career development, mental health, technological advancements, financial literacy, and more. It’s important to have ERGs like BOLD so Verizon employees can have a safe place to communicate shared experiences in the workplace.”

V Teamer AJ Hunter

Learn more about diversity and inclusion at Verizon.


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