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Verizon 2023 Womens History Month
Left to right: Andrea Carney, Niamh Kavanagh, and Megha Verma

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Together we rise.

By: Verizon Careers

Left to right: Andrea Carney, Niamh Kavanagh, and Megha Verma

March is Women’s History Month! Our theme for this year’s celebration is Together We Rise as we celebrate the progress made toward gender equality while acknowledging the work that still needs to be done.

To commemorate the month, we’re highlighting three members from our Verizon WAVE (Womxn’s Association of Verizon Employees) employee resource group (ERG). Located across the globe, these V Teamers exemplify what it means to rise together and create a positive impact.

“I recognize that together, we rise.” - Dr. Niamh Kavanagh (Cork, Ireland)

Early on, Niamh Kavanagh knew that she wanted to use her core values of equity, diversity, and inclusion as a strong foundation to build her career and grow her community.

Keeping this in mind throughout her journey, Niamh has made an impact in trailblazing a more equitable future. In 2020, she earned her Ph.D. in Physics. The focus of her research was to build an internet system that could send more information, faster than ever before using new types of fiber-optic cables. She was also recognized with a series of awards for her efforts, including being named one of the “Six Rising Stars of Irish Research” and “20 Incredible Women Leading the Way to Scientific Advancement.”

After earning her doctorate degree, Niamh was eager to put her research and solutions to work in the SaaS space. So, she joined Verizon Connect as a video product owner where she works to deliver products for vehicle fleet managers that increase safety, reduce costs and improve efficiency.

“I work daily with V Teamers around the world, specifically in the US, UK, and Italy within my cross-functional teams,” she shared. “I love working with people from different backgrounds and cultures — it really enriches the working environment.”

“I chose a career in tech to follow my curiosity and find a place in life where I could make a positive difference. I want to understand how the world works and how I can change it for the better. I think we need to change the culture of STEM so that people from different backgrounds can be truly included, valued, and supported to reach their full potential. We can only do this by working together.” - Niamh Kavanagh, Product Owner

“Your career is a journey, not a destination.” - Andrea Carney (Annapolis Junction, Maryland)

Eighteen years ago, Andrea Carney applied to Verizon when the cable communications office where she was working shut down. Her boss at her previous employer referred her to Verizon and the rest, as Andrea says, is HERstory.

Today, Andrea is a senior engineer consultant in systems analysis. In her role, she connects with employees across the company to learn about their teams and create innovative engineering solutions. In addition, Andrea is a regional lead for Verizon WAVE, where she networks and connects with women all over the company.

Andrea rises together with her fellow V Teamers through teamwork at all levels and in all aspects of life. Her personal motto is, “Help me, help you, help WE.” This means that when we work together, the final result will always be a win for ourselves and those connected to us.

“Your career path is a journey and not a destination. Look at each position as a city that you would be visiting for a limited time,” she shared. “Together we can make a greater impact than if we work against each other.”

“Being part of an ERG is a constant reminder that there is a world out here bigger than my small corner. I have unlimited resources to people and skill sets that I never imagined before.” - Andrea Carney, Senior Engineer Consultant

“My team grows together.” - Megha Verma (Hyderabad, India)

For Megha Verma, being a part of the V Team is all about making connections and empowering her network. Megha began her career journey as a business analyst and later became a product manager. In her role, she collaborates with her team to build innovative solutions to automate business processes across Verizon.

Additionally, Megha serves as the regional chapter committee lead for WAVE in the Asia-Pacific region. In this role, she has been able to expand her network, connecting with leaders and employees worldwide.

Throughout her career, Megha has risen through obstacles while learning key lessons along the way: “Over the years, I've learned that no matter what kind of goal someone is trying to reach, we will always face challenges, and we have to work on overcoming obstacles,” she said. “Throughout my career, I have learned that you'll only accomplish your goals if you don’t push them off. Create a timeline and a clear plan, think about the potential pitfalls, learn from your failures, establish short-term objectives, and celebrate each milestone.”

“Being part of the WAVE ERG exposes me to talented people worldwide within the organization. As a Product Manager, I also get to work with some very talented, amazing people. I am super proud of my team and our work. We work together to face obstacles, overcome challenges and grow together as leaders in our own right.” - Megha Verma, Product Manager

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