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A day in the life of Verizon's Inside Sales team.

By: Verizon Careers

Here's a snapshot of a day in the life of our Inside Sales team. Hear from V Teamers Erin B. and Jelani A. to learn more about this important role at Verizon.

Hear from members of our Inside Sales team to learn what you can expect from an Inside Sales role at Verizon.

Members of Verizon's Inside Sales team work with customers to provide product insights and solutions to help meet their needs. Overall, our Inside Sales representatives serve as trusted advisors, giving clients the tools and guidance to help them go far.

We recently sat down with our Inside Sales team who gave us a closer look at their day-to-day responsibilities and what kind of candidates excel in this role.

What is Inside Sales?

“Working in an Inside Sales role, you treat your desk as a retail location. Your desk is your store. Every customer that calls in is someone walking through the front door. You want to make sure that you get them taken care of quickly and efficiently, but you also want to make sure you provide the best experience to them.” - Jelani A., Telesales Supervisor

“The characteristics of my most successful representatives are: having that sense of urgency, making sure that you’re able to multitask and continue to carry on a quality conversation with your customers while making sure we get all of their orders processed correctly.” - Erin B., Sr. Manager Telesales

We support our V Teamers from day one.

Before you’re fully immersed in the Inside Sales team at Verizon, you’ll spend about four weeks in new hire training, learning all of the tricks of the trade. “You get to make sure you have all the best practices before you even take a phone call,” Erin said.

Jelani’s advice to candidates interested in an Inside Sales team role? Be open to change. Even if you don’t have a strong background in sales, you should come in with an open mind. Be coachable, ask questions and stay consistent. Some of the biggest perks of the job, Jelani says, are the opportunities for career development and advancement.

“You’re also given the resources to move up within the company. If you’re able to put in the work and you have a drive to do more, Verizon is going to help you get there,” Jelani said.

“On our team, we have a common goal in mind: We want to get our customers taken care of.”

Jelani A., Telesales Supervisor

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