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Future marketers, all aboard!

By: Verizon Careers

Meet our 6.0 adfellows class and learn how Verizon is shaping future careers in marketing with this rotational program.

Through a collaboration with Verizon and a consortium of top-tier brands and advertising agencies, adfellows is a nine-month one-of-a-kind fellowship experience aimed to remove economic barriers, develop top talent, and provide real-world opportunities to diverse individuals embarking on their careers.

“We want to give diverse candidates the opportunity to be immersed in the marketing process at Verizon. Our hope is they continue their career journey at one of our agencies, brands, or in-house at Verizon.” says Diego Scotti, Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer.

We are excited to welcome our adfellows 6.0 class as they begin their career and pursue their ambitions through this fellowship.

The Cause

Within the marketing and advertising function, diverse talent is significantly underrepresented with only 15% people of color, according to the Association of National Advertisers & Alliance for Inclusive and Multicultural Marketing. Introduced in 2017, the adfellows program is designed to create a pipeline of diverse talent, increase their visibility, and expose them to the many different disciplines within marketing and advertising. Verizon currently has a consortium of 23 partners, all aligned with the common goal of creating greater diversity within the advertising and marketing space.

The Game Changer

The program includes three tracks: General, Creative, and Analytics. Once an adfellow selects a track, they are then matched with a personalized support team inclusive of mentors, managers, and fellowship alumni to help ensure their success. Upon completion, they are uniquely prepared and qualified to step into full time marketing and advertising positions.

To date, 134 adfellows have successfully completed the fellowship. The program boasts a 97% job placement rate in the marketing and advertising industry and a 95% industry retention rate.

Once an adfellow, always an adfellow.

Each one, teach one! The program was designed with community in mind, as our adellows all share a commitment to breaking barriers and bringing much needed change within the industry. Adfellow alumni provide a community of support, offering a valuable perspective from their own rotation experiences, and support the fellows throughout their journey in acclimating to the nuances of the program. Tune in below and listen to last year’s commencement 5.0 class, as they share their insights and experience.


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